Protect Yourself And Your Children From Family Violence

Family violence is a serious problem in Texas, but if you are experiencing violence from your spouse or romantic partner, you may not know where to turn for help escaping the situation. Balekian Hayes, PLLC, can help you get your abuser out of your life and make sure they cannot hurt you or your children again.

Dallas Domestic Violence Lawyers

Our attorneys understand how sensitive domestic violence matters are. We will treat your case with discretion while taking prompt action to obtain an emergency protective order against the person who has abused you, which will forbid them from contacting you or being in your presence. With an emergency order in place, we will then pursue a permanent protective order to help remove the danger from your life.

How Marital Abuse Affects Divorce

Family violence allegations are all too common in divorce proceedings. When our client has been the victim of physical, emotional or sexual abuse at the hands of their spouse, it can dramatically impact the way their divorce is handled. For example, Texas’ usual law requiring you to wait at least 60 days between filing for divorce and finalizing the proceeding is waived when domestic violence is a factor.

Perhaps more importantly, domestic violence by your spouse can lead to the court granting you sole custody, perhaps without granting unsupervised visitation to your abuser. It can also affect property division. While Texas is a community property state, a valid claim of domestic violence can persuade the judge to make an exception to the even distribution of community property rule.

The Cycle Of Violence Ends Today. Speak To Our Domestic Abuse Lawyers.

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