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Divorce Mediation Lawyers in Dallas

Avoid Court on Matters Where You Can Agree

Not all divorces have to start in a courtroom. In fact, many couples are able to agree on a number of issues before heading to court for issues where they disagree. If you are considering divorce but have been able to agree with your spouse on some issues, mediation may be the right option for you. At Balekian Hayes, PLLC, our divorce mediation services help reduce the stress and arguments associated with a typical divorce trial. Call us today to schedule a consultation and learn more about how mediation can help.

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Benefits of Mediation

With mediation, the divorcing spouses meet with our attorneys (a neutral third party) to help them come to an agreement on any contested issues. Our attorney listens carefully to each spouse, considering each person’s wishes and concerns, then recommends a compromise that will allow the couple to settle their case without the need for an expensive and lengthy divorce trial.

When you choose to proceed with mediation first, you can:

  • Proceed from your initial filing to a finalized divorce without having to visit multiple attorneys
  • Have one sole contact for both spouses, reducing confusion and miscommunication
  • Get help with all of the required paperwork
  • Save time and money, as mediation is much more affordable than typical divorce proceedings
  • Reduce emotional and financial conflicts that can destroy your family

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