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One of the most contended issues in a divorce is alimony. Whether you are receiving spousal support or are the one paying it, an experienced family attorney can help make sure that the fair amount of support is requested.

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With decades of experience spent helping clients obtain the best outcome for their situation, the Dallas alimony attorneys of Balekian Hayes, PLLC understand what it takes to successfully litigate divorce cases where spousal maintenance is involved. We fight aggressively to protect the rights of our clients. As your legal advocates, we will walk you through all the aspects of your case to make sure the best possible outcome is achieved.

Understanding Alimony in Texas

Alimony is a legal term that refers to the ongoing financial support provided by one spouse to the other following divorce. The purpose of alimony is to ensure the financial well-being of a spouse who was financially dependent during the marriage and lacks the ability to provide for themselves, either immediately or indefinitely after the divorce.

In Texas, a court order for alimony is called spousal maintenance. The court can order spousal maintenance when one spouse does not have enough property to meet their basic needs, provided they meet a qualifying circumstance.

The qualifying circumstances include:

  • The couple was married for 10 years or longer
  • The spouse is unable to work because of a physical or mental disability
  • The spouse seeking alimony has a child of the marriage who requires special supervision and care due to mental or physical disability
  • The spouse who is seeking support (or his or her child) was physically abused within two years of filing for divorce or during the proceedings

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    Spousal maintenance is one of the most common points of disagreement among those facing a divorce. If you and your spouse are having difficulty arriving at an agreement on the amount of alimony that should be paid each month, our experienced Dallas alimony lawyers are here to provide you with reliable legal counsel, help ensure that your rights are protected, and assist you in attaining the outcome you deserve.

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