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In a situation where one parent is a primary parent, the court will generally order that the nonprimary parent pay child support based on a percentage of the nonprimary parent’s monthly net income. The percentages are as follows:

  • 1 child = 20% of parent’s net resources
  • 2 children = 25% of parent’s net resources
  • 3 children = 30% of parent’s net resources
  • 4 children = 35% of parent’s net resources
  • 5 children = 40% of parent’s net resources
  • 6+ children = Not less than the amount for 5 children

Monthly net income can include all wages, salary, commissions, tips, overtime, and bonuses, severance, retirement or unemployment benefits, or from Social Security or workers’ compensation awards. Income also includes gifts, prizes and alimony, among other things.

The current cap in Texas is $8,550 per month. Therefore, absent a showing of special circumstances, the highest amount of child support will be reached by multiplying the $8550 by the percentages as indicated above.

Both Parents Must Contribute To Child Care Costs

Child support is monitored by and generally paid through the Attorney General of Texas. A modification of child support can occur at any time that the needs of the children significantly change or that the net income of the paying party changes so greatly that it would justify a change in the amount to be paid by at least $100 and/or 20%.

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