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Are 2nd and 3rd Marriages More Likely to End in Divorce?

A few weeks ago, entertainment sites broke the news that Drew Barrymore is going to be divorcing her third husband, at just under four years of being married. Even with a few young children, the marriage didn’t work – but according to statistics, we shouldn’t be too surprised.

Most people have heard that roughly half of all marriages end in divorce. What most people don’t realize is that this particular statistic refers only to first marriages. Once we start looking at multiple marriages, the chances for divorce increase. In fact, each time you get remarried, your chances of divorce become even higher. According to data from the last US Census, 60 percent of second marriages end in divorce, and the number rises to 73 percent with third marriages.

You’d think that a second marriage would be more likely to work out – after a first marriage, people would be more cautious before marrying again. In reality, many psychiatrists say that the opposite is true. After a first divorce, people become desensitized to the idea of divorce. Since they’ve already been through the process once, they’re much more likely to resort to divorce when problems arise in the next marriage.

What should you do if you’re getting remarried?

These stats don’t mean that a second or third marriage is doomed – but they should show you that you should be cautious. Many people in the same situation might resort to divorce, but if you think long and hard about the issues that might lead to divorce, you might be able to avoid them. Make sure you’re getting married for the right reasons, and that you’re willing to work on any problems that might come up after you’re married.

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